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Spring 2022

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ATR 102 Risk Management & Emergency Response

ATR102L Risk Management & Emergency Response Laboratory

ATR 290 Clinical Internship I

ATR 291 Clinical Internship II

ATR 385 Pathology of Injury and Illness

ATR 387 Assessment of Lower Extremity Pathology

ATR 388 Assessment of Head/Spinal/Upper Extremity Pathology

ATR 390 Clinical Practicum I 

ATR 391 Clinical Practicum II

ATR 410 Therapeutic Exercise

ATR 415 Therapeutic Modalities

ATR 420 Pharmacology

ATR 460 Management of Allied Health Care

ATR 493 Clinical Preceptorship I

ATR 494 Clinical Preceptorship II

EXS 201 Fundamentals of Fitness Assessment & Development

EXS 330 Nutrition for Exercise and Sports Performance

EXS 350 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription

EXS 350L Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription Lab

EXS 370 Praxis of Strength Training and Conditioning

EXS 480 Leadership in the Fitness Professions

KIN 101 Orientation to Kinesiology

KIN 280 Intro to Athletic Training

KIN 280L Intro to Athletic Training Lab

KIN 312 Motor Learning and Development

KIN 325 Structural Kinesiology

KIN 327 Applied Biomechanics

KIN 340 Physiology of Exercise

KIN 340L Physiology of Exercise Lab

KIN 440 Measurement, Statistics, and Eval of Human Performance

KIN 475 Gross Anatomy 

KIN 484 Practicum in Kinesiology

KIN 488 Internship in Kinesiology

PED 100 Fitness Through Movement

PED 110 Marial Arts and Self Defense

PED 112 Yoga Sculpt

PED 120 Beginning Tennis

PED 130 Beginning Volleyball

PED 131 Advanced Volleyball

PED 144 Beginning Surfing 

PED 148 Aerobics

PED 150 Bowling

PED 155 Weight Training

PED 160 Golf

PED 168 Outdoor Adventures

PED 200 Optimal Health

PED 220 Team Sports Fundamentals and Strategies

PED 225 Individual and Dual Sports

PED 308 Methods of Teaching Physical Education

PED 350 Foundations and Techniques of Coaching