Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry


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Department of Chemistry

Five of the six Chemistry faculty have been hired since 2010, and the departmental plan had been established well before these faculty joined PLNU.  Although the department has been collecting assessment data for a long time, the chair had been taking on the sole responsibility for all data analysis and reporting.  However, as the department began its two year Program Review process in the fall of 2014, all departmental faculty met to discuss and recraft our program learning outcomes (PLO’s) and curriculum map, assign measurement tools, and establish an assessment plan and criteria for success.  All faculty are and will be involved in the collection and analysis of assessment data.

All PLO’s will be measured on an annual basis via both a direct and indirect measure.  Where possible, direct measures have been selected that can be benchmarked externally.  This gives us great confidence in the quality of our assessment data.

All departmental faculty will meet annually to analyze and interpret the data collected, and will come to a consensus on what actions, if any should be taken.   Adjunct faculty will be invited to participate in this process as well.  Our assessment wheel will be updated after our annual meeting or whenever raw data becomes available.

Assessment data will be used in any curricular decisions going forward.