Department of Chemistry



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Mission Statement: The mission of the Chemistry Department at PLNU coincides with the University mission to Teach, Shape, and Send.

To Teach: Our commitment is to provide students the opportunity to build a broad foundation of knowledge and understanding of the discipline of chemistry, to develop skills in the process of science, and in the practice of critical thinking and quantitative analysis; skills that are required to apply their education to real world situations.

To Shape: In addition to the formal academic interactions, each student will have opportunities to enter into mentoring relationships with our faculty through advising, lab assisting, research activities, and departmental social functions. In this way we intend our student to grow and mature as professionals and as individuals, coming to understand team work and to value personal integrity. We also expect our students to be in dialogue with us about issues relating to their personal and professional goals, and the interface between science, society, and Christian faith.

To Send: The graduates of this department will be able to apply both their faith and scientific understanding to addressing real world problems in professions, such as medicine, allied health fields, education, and industry. They will feel confident that they are well prepared to make positive contributions in their world.