Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources


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Assessment Resources

The Assessment Cycle

Academic assessment at Point Loma Nazarene University is our commitment to our students to provide them excellent educational opportunities and programs and to continuously evaluate and improve these programs to ensure they meet and exceed national standards. Assessment begins with inquiry into student learning in the classroom context, an examination of the curriculum, and commitment to faculty development. It is the gathering of evidence; analyzing data; aligning the program with the Institutional mission, core values, and learning outcomes; enhancing educational effectiveness; creating an action plan as well as changes to the services and curriculum offered through the program. The academic Assessment Cycle provides the foundation for effective growth and program innovation.

The Assessment Cycle is based on the National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) Transparency Framework. The Assessment Cycle is intended to provide full transparency and be grounded in the academic discipline, simple, informative, and a meaningful process based on continuous improvement and flexible enough to adjust to the Academic Unit’s unique needs and highlight the distinctiveness of each program. The Assessment Cycle highlights the collaborative process involving all of the program stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, community members, school and university administrators, and external specialists in the discipline. It is intended to increase the sense of shared purpose among the many diverse academic and co-curricular programs and reinforces the coordinated support among all university constituents.

Assessment Cycle for Continuous Improvement

Assessment Cycle Resources


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