Department of Literature, Journalism, Writing, & Languages

Within our Wesleyan heritage and the tradition of Christian liberal arts education, we invite students to enter the scholarly and artistic study of the humanities. Students explore the nature and myriad functions of discourse, expressed in literature, writing, languages, film, and journalism, and thereby encounter the different cultural perspectives and experiences expressed in these varying discourses. Students experience a department comprised of multiple disciplines which enhances their holistic understanding, interpretation, and use of these interconnected discourses. Above all, LJWL is committed to the deep connection between our faith and our intellectual lives. We believe that our reading and study inform our faith and that our faith informs our intellectual journeys.

Majors, Minors, and General Education
The Department of Literature, Journalism, Writing, & Languages is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. We offer eight Bachelor of Arts Programs: Literature (two concentrations: Literature and English-Education), Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, French, Romance Languages, Spanish, and Writing. The Department offers minors in Literature, Writing, French, Spanish and co-offers three interdisciplinary minors in Cinema Studies, Public Relations, and Women’s Studies. We also teach a significant portion of PLNU’s General Education core curriculum in literature, composition, and foreign language.

Department Community and Internship-like Opportunities
Our hope in LJWL is that our students will participate in our Poetry Day, Writer’s Symposium by the Sea, featured lectures, and research/theatre trips. We also hope they will take advantage of the internship-like opportunities as writers, editors, and photojournalists in our campus publications, and as Department Graders and/or Writing Studio Tutors.