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Student Learning Outcomes


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Student Learning Outcomes

In 2011-12 we reviewed our Department Learning Outcomes (DLOs) and created our Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for all our Bachelor of Arts programs.

In 2012-13 we completed the drafting and final revisions of all Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) making sure that our outcomes were reaching all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. We also aligned all CLOs to PLOs, and all PLOs to DLOs. Our outcomes are included in the LJWL department sections of PLNU’s Undergraduate Catalog. Our PLOs and CLOs are also included in all course syllabi.

In 2013-14 we aligned our learning outcomes with the WSCUC Core Competencies, a process we began in 2012-13 with our participation in the Lumina Foundation’s DQP (Degree Qualification Profile) pilot. We also eliminated our DLOs by folding them into our PLOs.