Department of Communication & Theatre

Department of Communication & Theatre


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Department of Communication & Theatre

The Department of Communication & Theatre is part of the College of Arts and Humanities.  The department is home to three major programs: General Communication, Managerial and Organizational Communication, and Media Communication. Each major program offers the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Communication – The Communication major is a generalist degree in the field of communication. There are two concentrations to choose from within this major. The first concentration is the societal emphasis that focuses on sociological, anthropological, and psychological aspects of the discipline of communication. The second concentration is the public address emphasis that focuses on public rhetoric and address as well as oral interpretation and performance.

Managerial and Organizational Communication – The Managerial and Organizational Communication major (MOCM) focuses specifically on communication in an organizational setting. MOCM is an intentional hybrid major of communication and business. Communication is the primary focus as organizational theory, management, and leadership are taught and explored by viewing these ideas as communication phenomena.

Media Communication – The Media Communication Major has four areas of concentration. All aspects of the media field are present in the four concentrations including, performance, production (TV & Film), film studies, and multimedia. The media major focuses not only on producing the media but also being a responsible consumer of the media.

There are five minors in the department including

  • Communication
  • Cinema Studies
  • Media Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Theatre

The Department of Communication and Theatre is a comprehensive department that prepares students for leadership in a variety of communication-intensive careers.  Our educational mission provides opportunities for intellectual discourse, leadership development, and spiritual growth in a supportive faith community.

Department Learning and Training Activities

Our department also provides activity based intensive learning opportunities for students to gain practical hands on experience. These activities help our students impress future employers and graduate school admission boards.

Championship Speech & Debate Program:  The department is also home to the nationally ranked speech and debate team.  Over the last 20 years, the debate team has won five or more national championships and over the last 20 years of Parliamentary debate the team ranks number 1 in field of over 500 colleges. The team has a speech lab for extensive research and hosts one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country on our campus every year.

Internships:  Our department works closely with the Office of Strengths and Vocations to maintain a strong internship program.  Many of our graduates receive job offers from their internship.

Point Radio – The Voice of Point Loma:  The campus radio station is KPLR and is run by students in our department as well.  KPLR is the voice of PLNU where you can listen to sports talk, chapel streaming live, and live coverage of important events.  KPLR plays a mix of contemporary Christian and pop music.

Point TV-Channel 23: The campus TV station is housed in our department as well.  Point TV is a fully operating student-staff production company and cable TV channel simulating real word environments for our students.  The TV studio is a professional high definition (HDTV) studio system.

Salomon Theatre:  Salomon Theatre has put on over 150 stage productions in the past 40 years.  Over the years Salomon Theatre has maintained a state-of-the-art facility in lighting, sound, and shop areas.  New and innovative plays are produced and performed not only for PLNU but the entire community.

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