Department of Communication Studies



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As communicators, all humans are part of an ongoing conversation. Communication is inevitable, irreversible, and continuous. The messages we send and receive shape our attitudes, build our relationships, and impact the environment in which we live. The mission of the Department of Communication Studies is to empower students with a meaningful Christian voice in the ongoing conversation of the world in which we live. We strive to meet this mission through learning, growing, and serving.

Learning Informed by our Faith in Christ

  • Students will learn basic theory about the discipline of communication, organizational communication, and media communication.

Growing in a Christ Centered Community

  • As students understand the process of communication, they will be challenged to use communication competently in a variety of complex environmental and social contexts.

Serving in a Context of Christian Faith

  • Students will participate in the disciplines of Communication Studies in the collective community around them.

The Department of Communication Studies is committed to helping each student learn, grow, and serve so that they may contribute meaningfully to the ongoing conversation of all humans and seek to make an impact in the world through their communication abilities. The power to communicate is the power to transform our world one conversation at a time.

The mission of the department is carried out in our 3 majors:

  • Communication Studies
  • Organizational Communication
  • Media Communication