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Curriculum Maps


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Curriculum Maps

The Department of Communication Studies assesses its program learning outcomes throughout the student academic experience.  In addition, the department has created senior courses for the cumulative assessment of student academic learning.  The department also continues assessing after the student has graduated by soliciting extensive feedback from alumni and organizations that our alumni work in.  This assessment information provides valuable feedback to our faculty and serves as the basis for curricular proposals.  Assessment is gathered through presentations, essays, projects, exams, and portfolios of student work.

The curriculum maps below demonstrate how faculty align institutional, department, and program learning outcomes to the specific curriculum of each academic program in the department.  The curriculum maps specify where students encounter opportunities in the curriculum to gain knowledge and skill for specific learning outcomes.  The maps help students to see the interconnectedness of the courses and learning outcomes within their chosen major.  These maps further provide insight into how a student may miss a concept, and allows faculty to examine changes to determine how soon or often the skill or knowledge is introduced, developed, and mastered.

Key:     I = Introduced          D = Developed     M = Mastered