Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes


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Student Learning Outcomes

The University follows an outcomes-based assessment review process that measures educational effectiveness in terms of what the curricular or co-curricular unit has identified as the key Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). The individual curricular or co-curricular units align Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) with the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) and the University’s strategic plan framework. Individual programs map (Curriculum Map) their Learning Outcomes to specific classes, assignments, and assessment activities. Each course in turn identifies Course Learning Outcomes to support the academic program or General Education Outcomes (GELOs) identified by the faculty.

Required Content

  • Program Learning Outcomes

Suggested Content

  • Succinct overview of the Learning Outcomes, which may include a rationale based on graduate education admissions requirements, guild and national standards and/or professional competencies
  • Course Learning Outcomes (courses in the major)
  • Course Learning Outcomes (courses in General Education)