Assessment Plan

Assessment Plan


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Assessment Plan

The Assessment Plan is a description of a systematic and multi-year schedule for the collection of evidence on student learning that can be used to improve the curriculum and pedagogy within a given department, school or program. The plan specifies how the program’s mission, goals, and learning outcomes are integrated into the curriculum, how they will be measured, and how data will be collected, reported, and used in planning decisions.

The plan outlines the Student Learning Outcomes and program objectives, the direct and indirect assessment methods used to demonstrate attainment of each outcome, a brief explanation of the assessment methods, and indication of which outcomes are addressed by each method, the intervals and semesters at which evidence is collected and reviewed, and the individual(s) responsible for the collection and review of the evidence.

PLNU Academic Assessment Plan includes a multi-year, sustainable assessment schedule that includes both a timeline for assessing the department/school and program learning outcomes. This plan should be coordinated with the department/school Program Review.

Required Content

  • Multi-year plan that shows what is being assessed when and by whom, the evaluation measure, and the criteria for success should be indicated here or in the program learning outcomes.