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Use of the Evidence of Student Learning


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Use of the Evidence of Student Learning

The Kinesiology department examines our assessment data on a yearly basis to address how well our students are meeting the program learning outcomes.  The attachments below describe the detailed data that we have obtained over several years for each major.

Our first priority as an academic department is to ensure that our students are learning the essential content in the field of Kinesiology. One measure of success is within our athletic training education program, where students prepare for and take the board of certification examination. From 2012-2015, 91% of the students taking the exam passed on the first or second attempt.

An area of assessment that our majors excelled at the 2014-2015 school year was in the area of oral communication. (see Table below)

Another priority of our department is that our students are active participants within our department, this is exemplified by their involvement in our Kinesiology Society Club and/or in various positions of responsibility such as graders, tutors, and teaching assistants. Additionally, we believe that creating a community between faculty and students helps foster spiritual growth, development and life long learning.

Finally, one of our top priorities is in the preparation of our students (particularly those within the applied health science and exercise and sport science majors) to gain admittance into graduate programs in the allied health care field. In our most recent Alumni survey, 84% of our alumni stated they were accepted into a graduate program within three years after graduating from our department and 72% of those surveyed were currently employed in either full time or part time jobs related to their major while at PLNU (for more Alumni Data please see document below). Currently our acceptance rate of students into graduate and health profession’s schools continues to be at least 70% the first time our students apply to graduate school.

The Department of Kinesiology is continuously assessing, evaluating, learning and improving the programs offered students to maintain the highest standards of excellence and currency in program offerings.

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