Kinesiology Undergraduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes


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Student Learning Outcomes

All majors within the department of Kinesiology will be able to:

  1. Speak and write effectively to a target audience on essential information in their discipline.
  2. Critically evaluate and integrate new information into professional practice to solve relevant health and fitness problems.
  3. Assess human movement to determine risk for injury and improve human performance.
  4. Describe the mechanisms (i.e. metabolic, physiologic, biomechanical, and developmental) by which physical activity aids in health promotion, performance enhancement and disease prevention.
  5. Serve others in clinical, educational or athletic settings by pursuing their vocation & calling.

Athletic Training Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate cognitive and psychomotor competence in the 12 content areas of the Athletic Training Educational Competencies.
  2. Exhibit advancing clinical proficiency in the practice of athletic training through (1) development in knowledge, psychomotor skills, and clinical reasoning and (2) application of evidence-based decision making.
  3. Speak and write coherently on information in athletic training, and communicate it effectively to a target audience.
  4. Demonstrate the common values and behaviors of the athletic training profession in a distinctly moral and ethical manner, integrating the Christian faith with clinical practice.
  5. Demonstrate preparation to serve a diverse environment through experience with a variety of patient populations and clinical settings and with various allied healthcare professionals.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge and skills required of an entry-level Certified Athletic Trainer.
  7. Demonstrate preparation for careers that utilize Certified Athletic Trainers or for graduate study and employment in allied healthcare professions.