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Use of the Evidence of Student Learning


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Use of the Evidence of Student Learning

The Department of History and Political Science reviews its assessment data annually, and subsequently makes minor adjustments to relevant courses as needed. Every three years the Department does a more extensive review of the accumulated assessment data, and makes recommendations for larger changes to the curricula or programs.

Most recently, after conversations with faculty and students and a review of the data available, the Department determined that the History major needed a capstone course to assist in bringing together the total of what majors have learned in a more cohesive way. This change was approved by the Faculty and the Senior Seminar in History course is now a requirement for the History major.

The Department of History and Political Science assesses how successful we are in achieving our learning outcomes through several instruments. Exit interviews are used to determine the progression of students’ skills, knowledge, and views of the discipline. The faculty in the Department also annually assess the program learning outcomes through several instruments, such as in-class exam questions and research papers. Internships and study abroad opportunities are assessed in collaboration with mentors and program advisors.

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