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Use of the Evidence of Student Learning


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Use of the Evidence of Student Learning

The data from both direct and indirect assessment measures are collected and analyzed at the conclusion of each academic year. The results of those data are shared with a variety of constituencies: 1) candidates, 2) Cross-Disciplinary Studies department faculty, 3) Teacher Education graduate faculty, 4) Advisory committees, and 5) field partner schools who host our teacher candidates.

We expect the evidence to show that each candidate is operating at a proficient level of “3” or higher on all measures, which include direct assessments of core content; disposition assessments completed by candidates, professors and host teachers; field performance assessments completed by host teachers; Teaching Performance Assessment completed by CTC assessors, and Exit Surveys completed by Cross-Disciplinary Majors.

The data is also utilized in a number of ways: 1) to make individual course content and pedagogy improvements, 2) to improve alignment between courses and across departments, 3) to discuss with faculty specific course assignments and rubrics to obtain validity and reliability of scores, 4) to communicate with candidates about skill sets that need to be strengthened, and 5) to communicate with host fieldwork teachers about how they can best serve the needs of our candidates.

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