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Point Loma Nazarene University School of Education is a vital Christian learning community that exists to develop high-performing, reflective educators of noble character who impact the lives of learners to influence the broader community. The Cross-Disciplinary Studies degree offers a blended teacher credential program and broad-based academic experience in the content areas necessary for the well-prepared Multiple Subjects classroom teacher.


Point Loma Nazarene University School of Education is a prominent Christian voice in higher education – looked at as a wellspring of resources and support in the areas of pedagogy, leadership, clinical practice, technology, and innovation.

The School of Education’s Cross-Disciplinary Studies Degree is recognized as:

A Christian learning community that promotes excellence in academic preparation, wholeness in personal development, and faithfulness to mission,

  • a source of expertise and resources through collaboration across academic departments,
  • a practical experience with embedded application in a variety of educational landscapes,
  • an exemplary model of servant leadership and commitment to ministry, and
  • a candidate-centered learning environment where diversity is respected, valued, and encouraged.