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School of Education Undergraduate Studies


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School of Education Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate Cross-Disciplinary Studies major is the appropriate major for candidates with their eye on the teaching profession.

The Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Teacher Education major, offered at Point Loma’s undergraduate campus is an ideal major for aspiring teachers wanting to teach at the elementary grade levels.

The degree prepares candidates with a wide range of basic content knowledge to pass the subject matter competency examination, the CSET, required for teacher credentialing for the multiple subject credential (for elementary teachers) and for the special education credentials.

The degree also provides for approximately 100 hours of fieldwork in local public schools and allows teacher candidates to complete coursework for their B.A. and preliminary teaching credential in 4.5 years rather than 5 years.

The School of Education on the Main Campus also offers core teacher education courses for aspiring teachers with other undergraduate majors such as mathematics, the sciences, history/social science, English, art, music, physical education, or family/consumer science.  These majors may add the Education coursework to their course plan in anticipation of teaching at the middle school, or high school level with a single subject or special education credential.