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Student Learning Outcomes


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Student Learning Outcomes

Point Loma Nazarene University’s mission, the School of Education’s (SOE) mission and vision, and the School of Education’s overarching conceptual framework guide the development of each program learning outcome within each of the School of Education’s graduate programs. The SOE’s outcomes focus on a “whole person” transformation throughout the preparation program. The unit’s themes – equip, transform, and empower – serve as the foundational and philosophical structure on which each of the programs is developed, implemented, assessed, and improved. The measures integrate the unit’s values and beliefs that are shared about the landscape of learning:

  • The EQUIP category focuses on a deep and coordinated understanding of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions demonstrated by effective educators.
  • The TRANSFORM category focuses on the candidate’s ongoing development and competence to apply the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of effective educators in supportive diverse environments.
  • The EMPOWER category focuses on the capacity of program completers, their sustaining high levels of mastery and demonstrating continual transformation in their professional practice.