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School of Nursing Graduate Programs


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School of Nursing Graduate Programs

MSN Program Overview

The MSN program prepares graduates serving out their vocation as advance practice nurses in settings worldwide. Examples include: clinical nurse specialists, educators, nurse leaders, health care policymakers, and entrepreneurs.

We value the nurse’s work as it spans the whole of human experience-birth, growth, maturity, death. This sacred work of nursing requires specific knowledge, skill, and compassion, as the nurse provides quality, evidence-based care for those in their trust.

DNP Program Overview

The DNP program prepares graduates academically and clinically to fully assume the role of the doctoral-prepared nurses upon completion of the program. The DNP program provides a pathway for working nurses who seek to practice at the highest professional level in the changing landscape of healthcare.

We value the sacred work of nurse leaders equipped with an advanced level of scholarship in translating research into practice and application where science, human caring, and human needs are met.