School of Nursing Undergraduate Programs

Points of Distinction


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Points of Distinction

In keeping with our mission and value statements, the faculty of the School of Nursing venerates service and humility to all persons. Our students are taught the value of serving with grace in God’s image from the beginning of the program. The characteristics of servant leadership, servanthood and caring are emphasized throughout the program. Our graduates are distinct in their work as Christian nurses because of our intentional integration of these spiritual aspects into the curriculum.

Our students and faculty participate in a variety of service opportunities through the annual festival of health event, mission trips, military outreach events, hospital based events, and a variety of student nurse association sponsored university and community events.

Community-Based Service Learning Projects

Students are involved in community-based service learning projects throughout the program.  Junior and senior students have the opportunity for preceptorships and externships at a variety of clinical settings. Students are the recipients of a variety of academic scholarships at university, state, and local levels.