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Points of Distinction


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Points of Distinction

A top priority for our department is for our students to do Biology, not just to learn about Biology. In order to accomplish this goal, we create opportunities for our students to participate in undergraduate research. First, nearly every Biology class has a required laboratory experience. Several of these laboratories require students to participate in ongoing research projects and/or to design and carry out their own experiments. Second, we also promote internship experiences for our students.  They are able to take a class (BIO 4090) where they can receive upper-division elective credit for these internship experiences. Third, approximately 50% of our Biology majors participate in intensive research experiences through a summer program. Students in this program work with a faculty member for 10 weeks for two summers. They receive on-campus student housing and a stipend. This experience has been funded by several organizations, including our alumni association (Research Associates), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the San Diego Zoological Society. Attached below are annual reports to Research Associates and summaries of student scholarly work.


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