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Assessment Plan


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Assessment Plan

Multi-Year Assessment Plan

Art and Design Department faculty members create Student Learning Outcomes for Key Assignments in the majors.  Each spring the faculty assess learning outcomes for the Academic Unit.  Student art production and writing skills are formally assessed at the Initial, Emerging, Developed, or Highly Developed levels.   Assessment data from freshman-senior writing samples, a sampling of freshmen–juniors’ art/design work, senior portfolios, and senior art exhibitions provide evidence of student learning.   While verbal skills have long been demanded of seniors in the defense of their capstone work, these skills will be more formally assessed in the next assessment cycle.

Multi-year assessment and program review for the Department of Art and Design function on a six-year cycle that includes a formal program review during the sixth year. Assessment activities during the five-year period are subject to yearly review and may change as the programs or courses warrant it.

General Education: A Gallery Review (Key Assignment) is required in all general education courses: Art 100 – Introduction to Art, Art 102 – Fundamentals of Art, Art 200/201 – Art History I, II.  It follows an on-site art museum visit.  This Key Assignment is also scored at the I, E, D, HD levels to assess student art learning in general education.