Graduate Biology

Graduate Biology Mission


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Graduate Biology Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the graduate program in general biology at PLNU flows from the University mission:

Point Loma Nazarene University exists to provide higher education in a vital Christian community where minds are engaged and challenged, character is modeled and formed, and service is an expression of faith. Being of Wesleyan heritage, we strive to be a learning community where grace is foundational, truth is pursued, and holiness is a way of life.

The mission of the PLNU graduate program in biology is to provide an opportunity for working professionals, particularly teachers, to develop a deeper understanding of biological principles and methods, as well as to explore the relationship between science and faith. 

Our students come from a variety of faith, work, and life backgrounds, and once they begin the program, they quickly find an educational experience unlike anything most of them have ever experienced before. They have the opportunity to complete an advanced degree in biology on either a full-time or part-time basis, and to be taught and mentored by highly qualified professors in PLNU’s biology department.  Most of our students comment on the remarkable difference that PLNU has made in their spiritual lives as well as their work.

The courses are rigorous, and students are pushed academically beyond anything that they have experienced before, but they also know that the faculty and staff are there to encourage and to support them in their journey both academically and spiritually.   Most of our students attended large research universities for their bachelor’s degrees, and have never experienced such a challenging environment that is also supportive.