Graduate Biology

Curriculum Maps


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Curriculum Maps

Two aspects of the program require that the curriculum map be approached in a unique way.  First, in an effort to maximize the flexibility of the program, it was not designed on a cohort model, so new students may join at any time.   Second, the elective biology lab courses are offered on a rotating basis every 2-3 years.   All students are required to taking at least 4 of these lab courses.  Due to these two factors, students do not take courses in a particular sequence, with the exception of BIO 6043 (taken first) and BIO 6082 (taken second). 

For this reason, students have multiple chances to gain experience with and to practice each of the PLO’s, but individual courses can’t be identified as introducing, developing or mastering particular PLO’s because students in the course are at different points in the program and will exhibit varying levels of expertise.