Spiritual Development

Student Learning Outcomes


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Student Learning Outcomes

The Office of Spiritual Development develops and facilitates a number of opportunities for university community spiritual growth. The work of the office is broken into several broad categories: International Ministries, Community Ministries, Discipleship Ministries, Chapel Ministries and Worship Ministries. The department learning outcomes for the Office of Spiritual Development are:

Students will:

a. demonstrate a commitment to Christian community including regular corporate worship.

b. practice spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith.

c. exhibit growth as Christian leaders.

d. demonstrate the ability to be effective team members.

e. be able to express the value of diversity in community, engagement, and/or leadership as a full reflection of the kingdom of God.

The program learning outcomes for each ministry area are derived from these core outcomes.

Engagement Goals (per Board Policy Manual/BPM):

  1. Each program will have regular undergraduate student population engagement of at least 10 percent of the traditional undergraduate student body.
  2. Leadership engagement will reflect the demographics of the student body.