Foundational Explorations (General Education)

Student Learning Outcomes


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Student Learning Outcomes

PLNU’s Foundational Explorations Learning Outcomes

Context #1: Learning, Informed by Our Faith in Christ

ILO* #1: Students will acquire knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world while developing skills and habits that foster life-long learning.

FELO 1a. Written:  Students will be able to effectively express ideas and information to others through written communication.

FELO 1b. Oral:  Students will be able to effectively express ideas and information to others through oral communication.

FELO 1c. Information Literacy:  Students will be able to access and cite information as well as evaluate the logic, validity, and relevance of information from a variety of sources.

FELO 1d. Critical Thinking:  Students will be able to examine, critique and synthesize information in order to arrive at reasoned conclusions.

FELO 1e. Quantitative Reasoning:  Students will be able to solve problems that are quantitative in nature.

Context #2: Growing, In a Christ-Centered Faith Community

ILO #2: Students will develop a deeper and more informed understanding of self and others as they negotiate complex environments.

FELO 2a. Students will develop an understanding of self that fosters personal well-being.

FELO 2b. Students will understand and appreciate diverse forms of artistic expression.

FELO 2c. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complex issues faced by diverse groups in global and/or cross-cultural contexts.

Context #3: Serving, In a Context of Christian Faith

ILO #3: Students will serve locally and/or globally in vocational and social settings.

FELO 3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of Christian Scripture, Tradition, and Ethics, including engagement in acts of devotion and works of mercy.

*ILO – Institutional Learning Objective