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Points of Distinction


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Points of Distinction

The School of Theology and Christian Ministry is in a highly visible, “lead” role on the PLNU campus.  The STCM is recognized both on and off campus for a number of distinctives, including:

  • A highly trained and dedicated faculty.
    Members of the faculty regularly present conference papers, contribute articles to important journals, and publish monographs for both the Church and the academy.
  • A variety of students pursuing a variety of vocations.
    Many STCM students are preparing for a life of ministry, while others are interested in the academic understanding of the disciplines of theology and philosophy in preparation for graduate studies.
  • Student Scholarship.
    A few select STCM majors demonstrate their scholarship each year by participating in honors projects.  MA students complete their degrees with a thesis directed by a STCM faculty advisor.
  • Student Internships.
    The Christian Ministry major requires the integration of scholarship with an informed practice of supervised ministry.
  • The H. Orton Wiley Lectures.
    The lectures are given by recognized scholars and stimulate important discussions across the campus.

Current Faculty Vitas