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With the university mission as a guide, members of the faculty crafted and adopted the following mission statement:

The SoTCM seeks to educate students in the disciplines of Bible, theology, and philosophy in service to the Church and the University, preparing them for Christian discipleship, ministry, and graduate level academic work.

School of Theology and Christian Ministry (SoTCM)  

Vision Statement

The faculty of the SoTCM is committed to being a faithful witness to Christ in our service to the Church, engaged teaching, rigorous scholarship, and responsible leadership in the PLNU community.  We envision that our students will develop as persons prepared for Christian service and ministry and to this end we endeavor to immerse them in an educational and mentoring community that moves them:

  1. toward biblical literacy, an understanding of biblical inspiration, and growing skill in biblical interpretation enriched by interdisciplinary perspectives;
  2. toward theological literacy and sound theological judgment, marked by the ability to articulate clear theological convictions relevant to Christian life and ministry;
  3. toward familiarity with the history of Western philosophy and a growing facility with the practice of engaging the perennial questions of the human condition;
  4. toward familiarity with the historical and local expressions of the Church in social and cultural contexts, especially those embodied in the Wesleyan tradition; and
  5. toward vital and courageous faith marked by Christlike character and participation in the Christian community and the mission of God in the world.