Student Development

Assessment Plan


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Assessment Plan

Student Development is an agile organization, which implements new programs, reviews programs periodically, assesses student learning outcomes, and makes changes on a semester by semester basis through the following quality assurance processes:

  • New Program Approval Proposals– New program proposals are submitted to the Vice President of Student Development. Each proposal is reviewed on a case by case basis by the Vice President and Associates committee. The committee decides one of the following: a) Not viable, b) Resources or scope of new program in need of cabinet approval or c) approval for pilot program
  • Annual Report – Each administrative unit completes an end of year report which includes the following for each program:


Mission statement

Learning outcomes

Evidence of student learning

Use of evidence of student learning

Summary of reading, professional development opportunities, and any reviews of similar programs at other universities.

Areas of distinction

The end of year reports can be found in the section Evidence of Student Learning

  • Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes – Student Development Learning Outcomes are assessed using the NSSE and PLNU Student Panel Survey. Details about the measures of learning and the rubrics used to evaluate learning can be found in the section Evidence of Student Learning.