Spiritual Development

Points of Distinction


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Points of Distinction

The Office of Spiritual Development, first and foremost, seeks to love God and love students. We desire to make genuine connections about life and what it looks like to follow Jesus. While we take our mission and jobs seriously (almost as seriously as we take coffee!), we know how to laugh – and many of us are strong contenders for the loudest laugh on campus. We believe that the joy of the Lord gives us our strength.

Our vibrant office atmosphere is a reflection of passion for our work and the students who know they are welcome to visit, chat, and feel at home. Student workers, interns, and volunteers are significant partners in our programs and events. We are intentional about involving them in all aspects of what we do.

We are blessed to have a team of campus pastors and support staff who work together to provide pastoral care and strategic programming in specialized areas. Our pastors offer prayer, counseling, and mentoring for students and oversee their specific ministry area. We value the contribution student leaders make to our work and we encourage them in their vocational journeys. Together, staff and student leadership create opportunities to engage the broader campus community in: local and international service, worship, discipleship, teaching, and prayer.

We gather as a campus four times a week for corporate worship. Not only do we love hearing a thousand voices singing together, but we know the power of community. Being together invites us to reflect on the same stories, be challenged as one body, and connect with friends and colleagues.

The work of Spiritual Development is complemented and strengthened by partnership with student, staff, faculty, and our community and church partners. We aim to be good neighbors through collaborating with others and making ourselves available as a resource both within and beyond PLNU.