Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development


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Spiritual Development

Our guiding principles give students and University staff members a better idea of who we are and how we do what we do. Together, we –

Experience God’s Love.  Knowing the love of God through Christ is the core of all we do. God’s love inspires us to see the inherent value in every individual.

Commit to Each Other.  We embrace opportunities to belong and share in faith within the global, local, and campus community.

Serve and Engage.  When we experience God’s love we engage in service. When we serve we experience compassion. When we experience compassion for each other we grow in faith. When we grow in faith we experience God’s love. Service and engagement is reciprocal.

Reflect, Respond, and Reflect.  Practice Discernment. We reflect on scripture, tradition, reason, and experience as we discern how to live faithfully as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Believe in Real Life Change.  We seek authentic and healthy transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit through a holistic faith journey.