Department of Music

The PLNU Department of Music began its assessment work and its first program review in the Spring of 2000 for the purpose of obtaining accreditation with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Most recently the Department of Music made some major restructuring as a result of our assessment work in 2012-13 and its ongoing program review. Our program continues to be reassessed on a regular, three-year rotation and has NASM accreditation through the year 2017 at which point we will do a full evaluation and make a major restructuring of our programs.

Our current assessment efforts have added consultants, outside evaluators and survey data to complement our ongoing, internal evaluations. Overall, we believe that these data sources continue to demonstrate that our students are making measurable progress towards musical competency, are achieving success in their career goals, and that students continue to express satisfaction with their education at PLNU.